About Ben


I’m a Louisiana board-certified tax law specialist and Certified Public Accountant. My Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Bachelor of Civil Law and Juris Doctor degrees were all earned at Louisiana State University.

I previously worked as a tax analyst and accountant for two Fortune 100 companies and as an auditor with the Louisiana Legislative Auditor. Additionally, I have worked with an estate planning and tax law practice and worked almost 6 years in the Public Finance and Contracts Section of the Louisiana Department of Justice.

I’m a veteran of the Louisiana Army National Guard and currently a member of the Louisiana and Baton Rouge Bar Associations and the AICPA.

Currently, I serve on the Board of Directors and as Treasurer of the louisianachildren.org, which is the umbrella association for Louisiana CASA and CACLA.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  And you can always reach me through good old-fashioned email: law@huxen.com